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  • 20 March 2019 13:54
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Ten types of players you see at our session

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Each week thousands turn up at our Tennis for free sessions up and down the country. We cater to all ages and abilities including boys, girls, parents, grandparents and everyone in between.

Our sessions are a great way to stay active and have fun with family and friends. After all there is nothing better than spending your morning smashing balls around for an hour. Not surprisingly then, is it any wonder that we experience many different ‘attendees’ at our sessions. Whilst there are probably many more you see, here is our top 10 types of kids you see at a Tennis for free session. Read on as I’m sure you will recognize a few.

The future pro

This player has all the attributes of a top player. They are dedicated to the cause (often first here and last to leave), they come back every week having practiced all the new skills they used the week before and their enthusiasm helps lift everyone at the session.

The fairweather player

Despite what you may think our sessions take place in all weather. Some love it… some don’t. the one’s who don’t have often been pulled along by a friend and are there for moral support. They work their way through the session ‘begrudgingly’ but still seem to always smile at the end.

The ex pro

This player used to play to a ‘high’ level when they were younger. Maybe county standard or more. They take joy in showing the youth of today how they play Tennis and often can be found hitting the type of shots that Federer himself would be proud of.

The Twins

These two are inseparable. They arrive together, player together and leave together. Most likely friends from school. These two enjoy the games and always want to be on the same side. Although if you get them on separate sides, they can often become the most competitive (but only with each other).

The Beginner

This is a player we see very often. A complete novice. Often with a brother, sister or parent who enjoys our sessions. They arrive for the very first time. Whilst initially a touch nervous, they soon come out of their shell once they start hitting some balls…

The Old Head

These players have been with us since the session began. They often know exactly what is coming before the coach even announces it. They help with set up and demonstrations and can often become coaches themselves.

The Rulebook

This player knows and remembers every rule of every game and makes sure everyone keeps in check. These players also tend to make excellent umpires…

The all-weather hero

We’ve already had the fairweather player at one end, and we also see the all-weather hero at the other. This player turns up in everything and has suitable clothing for every occasion. Sometimes during November, they can even be seen playing in skirt or shorts. No matter what it’s like outside, this hero turns up regardless.

The multi-sporter

This player is great at most sports and takes to tennis like a duck to water. They can also be found introducing other types of sport into the Tennis for free session. You might see them trying some football skills or a baseball throw, or just running around the court like Usain Bolt.

The Volunteers

And, finally, let’s not forget the volunteers who despite not often playing… put in endless hours to ensure we can continue to bring you these fantastic sessions each week.

Join us this weekend for our Big Tennis Open Weekend and let us know how many players you meet this weekend.

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