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Wellbeing TFF trial sessions are a roaring success

30 Jan 2023

TFF's new trial wellbeing sessions are a 'roaring success' as reported by the organisation in partnership with TFF on the scheme. The full quote can be seen as follows.

"The DRLC and Tennis For Free wellbeing tennis sessions were so rewarding, great fun and a roaring success. Working with wonderful students of mixed playing abilities, all engaged fully at their own levels. This was a fabulous opportunity to get out and meet new people and learn new skills, some socialising after the sessions as well."

To end each session with smiles on everyone's faces and requests of if there is one the next week was very encouraging and inspiring."  Peer Bank Trainer

The success of the scheme paves the way for more TFF Wellbeing sessions to launch and active discussions in Haringey and the Wirral will hopefully soon see the launch of the next set of pilots.