TFF Session

How the TFF Sessions are delivered

The TFF Sessions, run at our participating parks, welcome all members of the local community from children as young as 3yrs to our oldest to date at 84yrs. The sessions are family oriented meaning that there's something for everyone and the sessions are split into sub groups to accommodate the differing standards. As the sub-groups are standard based, we don't label them according to age, rather 'Parent & Child Group', 'Beginner Groups, 'Improvers+ Group'.

Each TFF session is two hours in the length with the first hour delivered by a team of coaches/assistants and the second hour as Open Play.

Hour 1 = Coach Led Session

The Coach Led session is typically run by local coaches (although no coaching is featured within the sessions), coach assistants and members of the local community in many cases. They will deliver a fun drills and games based session. 

Hour 2 - Open Play Session

The Open Play session follows on from the coach delivered first hour. One of the coaching team will stay on for the second hour in a supporting role. On the Improvers+ Open Play session, the coach will likely set up an initial drill/game (usually TFF Quick Fire) and allow the members of the community to take on the session. The Parent & Child Open Play session is simply an unsupervised court with the various equipment (balls, racquets, mini nets, training aids..etc) left out to allow Parents & their child(ren) to play amongst themselves.

The TFF scheme is delivered as part of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with TFF, the Tennis Provider and the local authority. If you're interested in delivering the TFF programme on a set of public park courts, you can view the Running the TFF Session document as well the TFF Starter Pack to understand the scheme in more detail.

If you're a Coach / Assistant of a new TFF site, here's a checklist of things you'll need to do and know before starting with us:

1,Running the TFF Session document - 

The above document is essential for understanding the format and structure of the TFF sessions.

2,Drill & Games Pack - Download and familiarise yourself with the drills and games packs from this page on the TFF website: 

3,LTA Safeguarding Policies - Ensure you've read and understood the LTA's safeguarding and protection policies from the LTA website.

4, Ensure you've registered on the scheme website - Every TFF scheme has a linked website where registrations and bookigns are made. Even though you're a coach /a assistant, you'll still need to register your attendance at each session. This website will either be a Courtline based system or a Club Spark based system. Please contact us for details of your website if you're unaware of it.

5, Ensuring Accurate Attendance Records - If you're using the Courtline software system, you'll need to watch this 20min video: If you're using the Club Spark system for attendance recording, please ensure you understand the process for accurately recording attendances via that system.

After reading and understanding the above documentation, you'll need to complete the 'New Coach / Assistant Registration Form'