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TFF is a community sports charity. We provide free coach led tennis sessions and FREE access to tennis courts in local parks around the UK targeting all members of the community, especially children from low income and workless families.

* Changing the image of tennis to a sport for ALL.
* Reinvigorating under used public facilities.
* Working to improve physical and mental wellbeing in the community.
* Removing the cost barrier to sport for ALL.

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Want to get involved?

* Come along to one of our TFF sessions at various public parks throughout the UK

* Want to run the TFF sessions at your local park, help deliver the TFF sessions or be a volunteer (in a variety of roles that match your interest)?? It doesn't matter if we have a TFF site in your area yet, we're just recruiting interest. If you'd like to join the team now or in the future, please register to join the team.  

* Is your organisation the owner or leaseholder of a public facility with tennis courts that you'd like to see deliver the TFF Scheme? If so, and if you've got the authority, then please review and sign our Public Provider Partnership Agreement Form to get the ball rolling.

* Tell us where you play tennis and if there's a free set of public courts that you'd like to see deliver the TFF Scheme.

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* Help us to expand our services and reach more areas by donating via Virgin Money Giving or via text: