TFF Sites in Waiting

TFF Sites that we're hoping to launch in 2018

Thanks for taking a look at our 'TFF Sites in Waiting' page. The sites listed here are all ones that we are working on to launch in 2018. If you can help us tick the missing columns, then please let us know via the contact form at the bottom of the page.


TFF Presented = The TFF Scheme has been presented to the council/facility operator and agreed in principle.
FA Approved = Whether or not the Free Access hours to the facility has been approved.
LA SIgned off = The council or facility operator has signed off the scheme or not.
Team Signed Up = We need a team of 4 delivers of the TFF session (3 if TFF Lite scheme).

If you feel you can help us achieve the missing elements on our sites in waiting please contact us.

 Public Facility Name    Location      LA signed off  Team Signed Up  Launch Date
Kirkton Park Bathgate (Scotland)
No 0 of 4
Polson Park East Lothian (Scotland)
No 0 of 4   
Cooper Park Elgin (Scotland)
N/A Leased 0 of 4   
Ruthrieston Tennis Centre Aberdeen (Scotland)

Yes 1 of 4
Manston Park Leeds (North)
Yes 0 of 4  April 
Greenhead Park Huddersfield (North) Yes 0 of 4 tbc March 
Costello Park Hull (North)
No 1 of 4  
Wythenshawe Park Manchester (North)
No 3 of 4  
Filey Park Scarborough (North)    N/A (leased) 1 of 3  Sat 14th April
Cross Flats Park Leeds (North) 
Yes  1 of 4  April 
Redhouse Park  Sandwell (Midlands) 
No  1 of 4   
Wordsley Park  Stourbridge (Midlands)    No  3 of 4   
Mere Green Centre  Sutton Coldfield (Midlands)    N/A outsourced  4 of 4   
Cripplegate Park  Worcester (Midlands) 
No  0 of 4  Not before July 
Roath Park  Cardiff (Wales)    N/A Leased  1 of 4   
Bellevue Park  Wrexham (North Wales)    No  2 of 4  tbc March 
Murray Road Rec  Ipswich (East Anglia)    Yes  0 of 3   
Northgate Sports Centre  Ipswich (East Anglia)    No  0 of 4   
Bicclescombe Park  Ilfracombe (Devon)    Yes  1 of 4  tbc March 
Victoria Park  Frome (Somerset)    Yes  3 of 4  tbc Summer 
Victoria Park  Salisbury (Wiltshire) 
Yes  4 of 4  14th or 22nd April 
Archbishops Park  London (West)    Yes  1 of 4   
Ferndale Community Centre  London (West)    Yes  1 of 3   
 Clapham Common London (West)    No  0 of 3   
Mile End Park  London (East) 
Yes  1 of 3   
Rosemary Gardens  London (North)    No  0 of 3   
Hornfair Park  London (West) 
Yes  2 of 4   
Coldharbour Park  London (West)    Yes  2 of 4   
Wallace Park  Lisburn (N Ireland)    Yes  1 of 3   
 Bawnacre Sports Centre Irvinestown (N Ireland)    Yes  0 of 4