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Sending a newsletter with Courtline
  • 15 January 2016 11:00
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Courtline Tutorial: Communicating with your Users

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One of Courtline's key features is the ability for you to be able to communicate with your users in simple but effective ways.

There are two ways in which you can organise and easily keep in touch with your users. Be sure you're logged into your local courtline website (

1, The Flagging System

Flagging allows you to place a colour flag marker against a user. You define what a flag is and which users are to be placed in those flag categories. For example, you could flag all of those users that are participating in your wider tennis programme (the ones you've effectively got onto a tennis pathway). You can send these users a newsletter promoting something of interest to them. Equally, you can flag those users who haven't played tennis in awhile and send these people a newsletter to try to get them re-engaged.

To use the flag system, you just need to click the 'Users' menu (from Left Menu section) then select 'User Details'. You'll then be presented with a list of all of your users. From the cog/gear icon in the left corner of this page, you can click and edit the Flag Labels. You can therefore organise what a flag represents here.

From the User Details list, you'll see that you can see an empty flag next to each name. Here you can click the flag and cycle through the different colours. WHichever flag you leave a user on, will set them into that category.

2, Sending a Newsletter

Step 1: Simply click the 'Configure' menu item and the click 'Newsletter'

Step 2: Select the Newsletter Category

From the top menu (as shown in the diagram below), simply select who you want to send the newsletter to. Note: the Flags mentioned in section 1 are listed here also, so you can have a newsletter sent to flag group.

NOTE: Despite the facility to add pictures to the newsletter, in most cases, pictures don't come through to the end recipient due to spam controls. We'd strognly suggest just sticking with text for your newsletters

That's it!! You can now organise your users and send newsletters.
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