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How many balls have been hit at TFF sessions this year?

How many tennis balls have been hit this year?? TFF's End of Season Stats 2018

It's officially TFF's end of Year (1st December 2018) and whilst a handful of sites are braving it through the Winter period, most are having a break until the weekend of March 23rd/24th 2019. It's therefore a great time to take stock of a great year that's seen some great tennis activity.

Our official End of Year Stats can be seen from the attachment and it's been a record breaker with 41,474 attendances recorded over 73 sites (we've actually had 87 sites running but aren't able to collate the stats of those which are recorded on a different system). These 41,474 attendances have come from 12,055 individuals of which 9757 were new to tennis in 2018.

Our top performing site in term of Attendances was Hednesford Park (Cannock) who managed to see 1861 attendances at TFF sessions in 2018.

Sefton Park (Liverpool) had the best site attendance average with a whopping average of 48 attendees per week on its sessions. 

The site with the most individual attendees throughout 2018 was St Mary's Park (Prestwich) with 510 attendees of which 395 of those players were new to TFF tennis in 2018.

Our busiest TFF session could be seen in Cassiobury Park (Watford) in September with 97 attendees, whilst the busiest TFF launch session was at Poole Park (Bournemouth).

All in all, it's been a fantastic year and we want to say a huge thanks to all of our coaches, assistant coaches, volunteers, and of course, you the attendees for making it extra special.