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Procedure for Invoicing TFF for TFF session delivery

Invoicing TFF

First of all, we'd like to say a big thank you for working with us to revitalise public park tennis courts by running the TFF scheme.

By default an Auto-Invoice will be created for your team IF you are the nominated person for invoicing. This will be sent to you by email on the first day of each month and will contain an invoice for the hours you and your team worked for the month prior. The auto-invoice will only be correct if all of your coaches are correctly registered with us AND if they book into each session throughout the month that they worked.

IF the auto-invoice is incorrect due to one of the above factors, then you will be required to REJECT the auto-invoice on the email sent to you (or via the 'Invoice Management section of Tennis For Free). Once an auto-invoice is rejected, you will be able to create a manual invoice instead for the hours worked for the previous month. This will need to be done by the 10th of the follwing month, to ensure you meet the pay run at the middle of each month.

The rest of this document outlines the process for creating a manual invoice in the event you choose to reject the auto-invoice created for you.

Here's a step by step guide to the manual invoicing procedure for TFF:

STEP 1 - Go to the 'Admin Panel' on

Type then use the login details that you created on your local TFF site to login.

The screen will look like this where you enter your email in the top field and password in the bottom field

STEP 3 - Go to 'Invoice Management' section

Click the 'Financials' as shown below, then click 'Invoice Management'

STEP 4 - Create a New Invoice

Click the cog/gear icon as shown below, then click 'Create New Invoice' (please wait if there's a short delay)

STEP 5 - Complete the form to create a new invoice

In the payment notes section, please enter your sort code and account number (illustration 1 below) where you can edit the pre entered text. You can also upload a logo to your invoice if you wish (click the 'Browse' button to load the icon from your local computer - shown illustration 2 below). Finally, click 'Create New Invoice' in the bottom left (shown in illustration 3 below):

STEP 6 - Enter each coach/assistant worked hours as an invoice item

In TFF session invoicing, please use the format below for entering the hours worked by each of your coaches/assistants. Once each item is completed, be sure to click 'Add New Invoice Item'. :

...then once all coaches/assistants are added as separate Invoice Items, then please add the Open Play session invoice item, like this:

STEP 7 - Once you've entered all Invoice Items - you're done

Once you've added all of the coach / assistant worked hours and the Open Play sessions, check the invoice summary and assuming you're happy with everything added (you can delete an invoice item or add another if not):

If all looks good, you can then click 'Done' to process the invoice:

PLEASE NOTE: If you click 'Done' before you've added all of your invoice items, don't worry, you can go back into your invoice by clicking the 'edit' icon and add the additional items to your invoice.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: As of January 2019, TFF operate with set hourly rates matched specifically to the coach's qualification level. We also consider all TFF sessions as 1 hour in length with the Open Play sessions invoiced separately as outlined above. TFF Coach Pay Rates are as follows:

Level 3+ = £22 per hour
Level 2 = £16 per hour
Level 1 = £12 per hour
Unqualified = £8.50 per hour

CONGRATULATIONS!! You've submitted your TFF invoice, you'll now see the invoice in the system:

You can login to your account and see your completed invoices and add new invoices by repeating this same process. Once an invoice is paid, you'll see it as marked as paid:

If you've got any problems or queries with the invoicing system, please email