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Setting up sessions on ClubSpark to work with Courtline

In order to set up Tennis For Free sessions on ClubSpark, you firstly need to link the Tennis For Free software system (Courtline) to ClubSpark. There is a specific way that this is required to be done which is outlined below.

Step 1 - Check with your LTA local rep whether ClubSpark is correctly set up to run the Tennis For Free scheme on it. Once this has been confirmed, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2 - You'll now need to inform Tennis For Free that you have a ClubSpark suited website (for the public venue) and Tennis For Free will prepare Courtline for linking with ClubSpark and will request the same from ClubSpark.

Step 3 - Once you've been informed that everything is set up, you now need to set up your Tennis For Free sessions on ClubSpark. You'll need to be an Admin defined user on your ClubSpark installation in order to do this. Simply login to your ClubSpark site and in top right corner of your CLubSaprk website there will be a dropdown arrow where you can select 'Admin Area'

Step 4 - Once in the Admin area, you need to press the 'Coaching' tab on the left menu.

Step 5 - Once you've selected 'Coaching' from the left menu, choose 'View Programmes' from the top right section of the resulting page:

Step 6 - It's now time to select the 'LTA Tennis For Free' box on the resulting page.

Step 7 - Once you've done this, you need to set up a Course by clicking 'Add New Course' in top right of the page.

Step 8 - You now to outline the Course. Please complete the Course details ensuring that:

- the Reference is: Tennis For Free.
- the start date is the date of the advertised Tennis For Free launch day
- time of the session is correct
- the session is set as 90mins (if Tennis For Free) or 60mins (if TFF Lite)
- capacity is set to 100 if Tennis For Free or 35 if TFF Lite.

Step 9 - Once you've create the Course, you'll see an option to 'Add New Class'

Step 10 - You'll now be able to add the individual classes to the course. Complete the form ensuring the following details:

- Ensure the event is 'Public'
- Ensure that the date you've entering isn't duplicated from a previously entered class
- Class should be 90mins for Tennis For Free or 60mins for TFF Lite.
- Capacity should be set at 35 for TFF Lite or 100 for Tennis For Free

Step 11 - You now need to enter the additional class dates to the Tennis For Free course. We strongly recomment just pressing 'Back' on the browser button which will take you back to the class you just submitted. You can now easily change the date and submit again which will submit the new class date.

Step 12 - Repeat Step 11 until you've got all of the class dates that you're wanting to set up.