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  • 16 April 2019 17:37
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Tennis for free | Weekly Round up | Week 4

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Weekly Round Up Week 4

Welcome to Tennis for free's weekly round up. Despite the Easter holidays many of our Tennis for free sessions still saw some significant increases in attendance from the previous week. As well as welcoming 212 brand new attendees we once again reached over 1100 attendees in total. 


This week top 10

  • ·Saint Marys Park (Prestwich), 49
  • ·Manor Park (Aldershot), 48
  • ·Poole Park (Bournemouth), 48
  • ·Pype Hayes Park (Sutton Coldfield Tennis Club), 47
  • ·Priory Park (Georgians Club), 39
  • ·Trowbridge Park (Trowbridge), 38
  • ·Mere Green Community Centre (Sutton Coldfield), 38
  • ·Hednesford Park (Cheslyn Hay Tennis Club), 37
  • ·Cassiobury Park (Watford), 32
  • ·Birkenhead Park (Wirral), 32

This week saw Milltown Tennis Courts, Joseph Hood and Seafield Garden dropping out of the top 10 this week, to be replaced by Trowbridge Park (Trowbridge), Cassiobury Park(Watford), and Birkenhead Park(Wirral).

In total 19 sites welcomed more attendees than the previous week, which is 3 more than last week. However, special mention must go to Egerton Park (Bexhill), Elthorne Park (Tennis at Cattaway), Northgate Sports Center (Ipswich), Pype Hayes Park (Sutton Coldfield Tennis Club) and Trowbridge Park (Trowbridge) who all welcomed at least 10 more attendees than last week. Well done to all.

This week’s most new attendees

This week saw the following 5 sites welcoming more than 10 new attendees.

  • ·Gosforth Central Park (Newcastle), 15
  • ·Saint Mary’s Park (Prestwich), 13
  • ·Alexandra Park (Manchester), 12
  • ·Tam Rec (Mitcham), 11
  • ·Bourneville Park (Birmingham), 10

With this many new visitors we are looking for some fantastic numbers in the coming weeks once some of the regulars return from Easter break.

Site of the week.

And finally, due to its performance of getting itself back into the Top 10, achieving 10 more attendees than last week and achieving 4 new visitors. We have decided to name it our SITE OF THE WEEK. Congratulations Trowbridge Park.

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