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Poole Park tops the leaderboard for the second week in succession
  • 05 May 2019 19:35
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Tennis for free | Weekly Round up | Week 6

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Tennis for free | Weekly Round Up | Week 6 

It seems like 70+ players is the new norm at Poole Park, with the Dorset site achieving this figure again for the second week in a row.  This figure of course means that they stay top of the table for the second week running. Will they make it a third next week? or can one of the other top 10 teams serve up a treat this weekend.

The rest of the top 10 this week are as follows:-

Manor Park, Aldershot, 48
Priory Park, 40
Joseph Hood, Merton, 33
Tam Rec, Mitcham, 32
Pype Hayes, Sutton Coldfield, 32
Hednesford Park, 30
Sunderland Tennis Center, 28
Cassiobury Park, Watford, 28
Charlton Park, Manchester, 28

Therefore we have 4 new sites in the top 10 this week with Beacon Park (Lichfield), Gosforth Central Park (Newcastle), Cooper Park (Elgin), and Trowbridge Park (Trowbridge), dropping out of the top 10. Let's hope we see them back in the top 10 soon.

New visitors

In total we welcomed over 170 new visitors this week with 90 new females and 81 new males. Our largest group of new visitors this week were from our 25-49 age group. This week Poole Park once again sat top of the table with 22 new visitors. 

The rest of the top 10 for new visitors are as follows:-

Chorlton Park (Manchester), 14
Cassiobury Park (Watford), 11
Tam Rec (Mitcham), 9
Wythenshawe Park (Manchester), 9
Saint Marys Park (Prestwich), 7
Priory Park (Georgians Club), 7
Bourneville Park (Birmingham), 7
Malvern Park (Solihull), 6

Site of the week.

This weeks site of the week goes to a site who found themselves in the top 10 for new visitors for the first time this week, and achieved the biggest % jump of visitors agains last week with a near 25% increase. This weeks site of the week goes to Priory Park (Georgians Club). Congratulations to the team on a fantastic week. 

To find out more about Tennis for free or to find the nearest available site, click here.
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