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Tennis for free | Weekly Roundup | Week 10

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Weekly Round Up | Week 10 | 25th and 26th May

Despite a quieter week that the previous 3 weeks, we still saw well over 1,000 visitors attending one of our sessions. Including 2018 visiting for the very first time. And, as we get closer to our target of 100 sites around the UK, we anticipate even greater numbers during June.

This weeks top performers.

Despite lower numbers this week Poole Park (Bournemouth), Manor Park (Aldershot) and Sefton Park (Mersey Bowmen) remained in the top 3 spaces. However, we welcomed Seafield Gardens, St Mary's Park, and Gosforth Central Park into the top 10 with some fantastic performances. 

The top 10 for week 10 are as follows:-

Poole Park (Bournemouth) 61
Manor Park (Aldershot) 52
Sefton Park (Mersey Bowmen) 48
Heavitree Park (Exeter) 43
Priory Park (Georgians Club) 43
Seafield Gardens (Bournemouth) 41
Joseph Hood (Merton) 36
Boscawen Park (Truro) 33
Gosforth Central Park (Newcastle) 31
Saint Marys Park (Prestwich) 31
Hednesford Park (Cheslyn Hay Tennis Club) 30

New Visitors

Boscawen Park (Truro) continues to attract lots of new visitors to it's program, with new site Malvern Park (Solihull) also attracting 14 new sites, doubling it's attendance from last week. 

Boscawen Park (Truro) 16
Malvern Park (Solihull) 14
Heavitree Park (Exeter) 13
Brunswick Park (Wednesbury) 13
Vale Park (Aylesbury) 12
Redhouse Park (West Bromwich) 9
Horsham Park (Horsham) 9
Cheslyn Hay Leisure Centre 9
Alexandra Park (Manchester) 8
Poole Park (Bournemouth) 7

Top Site this week

Following a fantastic performance in attracting 13 new visitors this week and climbing up the top 10 rankings from 9th to 4th this week, our site of the week for week 10 goes to Heavitree Park (Exeter). Great work from all involved down in Exeter this weekend. We look forward to seeing the continued growth during June.

Top Site in May

Congratulations must go to Poole Park (Bournemouth) who have shown incredible consistency in attracting and retaining visitors to it's program. Great work to everyone involved. The rest of the top 10 during May are as follows. 

Poole Park (Bournemouth) 149
Manor Park (Aldershot) 116
Hednesford Park (Cheslyn Hay Tennis Club) 107
Sefton Park (Mersey Bowmen) 96
Saint Marys Park (Prestwich) 93
Priory Park (Georgians Club) 91
Heavitree Park (Exeter) 86
Joseph Hood (Merton) 77
Boscawen Park (Truro) 76
Malvern Park (Solihull) 73

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