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Horsham Park (Pictured) welcomed 26 for it's first session last week
  • 21 May 2019 15:01
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Tennis for free | Weekly Roundup | Week 8

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Over 1300 take to the courts

It is another record week for Tennis for free as over 1300 took to the courts in their local communities this week. Including 335 for the first time ever. 

This weeks top performers

This week saw 15 sites achieve over 30 visitors for the first time this year, with 6 seeing over 40 visitors and our top 2 once again welcoming more than 50. However, the big question is, can anyone overtake Poole Park, (Bournemouth) who welcomed 83 this week! Manor Park (Aldershot), remains the likely challenger at this point, although with Boscawen Park (Truro) htting 38 on it's first week. Could they be the one to make a quick climb to the top?

This week we saw many new faces in the top 10 compared to last week, with Birkenhead Park (Wirral), Mere Green Community Center (Sutton Coldfield), Priory Park (Georgians Club), Seafield Green (Bournemouth) and Boscawen Park (Truro) entering the top 10 this week. The remainder of the top 10:-

Pype Hayes Park (Sutton Coldfield Tennis Club), 45
Hednesford Park (Cheslyn Hay Tennis Club), 44
Birkenhead Park (Wirral), 42
Mere Green Community Centre (Sutton Coldfield), 41
Boscawen Park (Truro), 38
Heavitree Park (Exeter), 38
Priory Park (Georgians Club), 38
Joseph Hood (Merton), 35 (tied)
Seafield Gardens (Bournemouth), 35 (tied)

New visitors 

We had two outstanding performers this week with newbies Boscawen Park (Truro) and Horsham Park (Horsham) welcoming 37 and 26 new visitors respectively. In addition, the rest of the top 10 this week all saw more than 10 new visitors attend that had never registered before.

The remainder of the top 10 for new visitors this week is as follows:-

Saint Marys Park (Prestwich)16
Seafield Gardens (Bournemouth)13
Exhibition Park (Newcastle)13
Poole Park (Bournemouth)12
Beacon Park (Lichfield)11
Vale Park (Aylesbury)11
Heavitree Park (Exeter)10
Solihull Tennis Club (Solihull)10
Manor Park (Aldershot)10

Site of the week

Following one of Tennis for free's best ever weeks, it is a new site that takes this weeks site of the week. Not only did this site launch but it welcomed 38 new visitors and made the top 10 for total visitors on it's first ever session. We look forward to seeing what Boscawen Park, (Truro) can achieve in the week to come.

To find out more about Tennis for free or to find the nearest available site click here 

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