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It’s the start of the Great British Summer of Tennis, all eyes are on the Wimbledon Championships, it’s the time when people of all ages want to dust off their rackets and get out and play, kids who are new to the game, teenagers who want to replicate the stars, adults who haven’t played for years, but where do they go?

Ten years ago there were 30,000 public park tennis courts, today there are 10,000. We at Tennis For Free believe the public park tennis court should be the first place for all to play, they should be easily accessible, that’s why we are on a mission to save and revitalise as many of these park courts as we possibly can.

We believe these courts should be FREE, after all you don’t pay for skateboard parks, basketball courts or swings and slides in your local park, so why should you pay for a tennis court?

We are introducing all sections of the community to the game by running FREE participation sessions at weekends on many parks from Inverness to Ipswich, right across the country. We want to create thriving sporting communities in local parks, run for the community, by the community, in a fully inclusive way.

It’s not just tennis, the media constantly highlight the lack of exercise we all get nowadays, the rising levels of obesity, what better way to address this than providing FREE sporting facilities in local parks?

Tennis For Free has been addressing these issues for 10 years, our current strategy is to run FREE sessions every weekend throughout the year on 50 public park sites by 2016, bringing in c.40,000 new people to the game of Tennis, to change the perception of the game by running fast and fun group games, linking the parks up to local clubs to give everyone the chance to take up the game and to stay in the game.


Tennis For Free is a Charity, we rely predominantly on private donations to expand our scheme, there are many ways you can help, by donating and expressing your support for what we do, or if you are not in a position to donate, simply register your support on-line, we want to build up a nationwide support network to prove how in demand Tennis For Free really is.

For a one-off donation of £30 you will receive: 

• A Tennis For Free t-shirt 

• Free ‘Champions Race’ Entry into TFF’s Fantasy Tennis Game with great prizes to be won

Donate £30 by one of the methods below, then contact to order your t-shirt.

Or you can just pledge your support by registering on-line at

You can donate to us at Virgin Money Giving: 

You can also donate via your mobile phone, text 70070 with the message TTFF01 £5 to donate £5 or TTFF01 £10 to donate £10.

Become a member, pledge your support to TENNIS FOR FREE and help us revitalise public park tennis courts nationwide!

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