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The Australian Open showcases the top end of the tennis spectrum, Tennis For Free operate on the opposite end, we need your support to build thriving tennis communities in public parks across the UK

We have launched the TFF Crowdfunder Appeal and need your help, your donation will help to transform Grassroots tennis across the UK, you can donate on the link below, we can match your donation from other sources, so for every £1 donated, we will receive £2. (Up to a total of £10,000) Click on TFF Crowdfunder for more information

Community sport is needed now more than ever before, there are thousands of tennis courts in public parks across the UK most of which are underutilised, TFF operated on over 120 sites pre pandemic, we need to rebuild these NOW and then launch more, it’s simple and it works.

TFF run free alternative mass participation sessions on public parks, targeting those that would otherwise not get the opportunity to play, those in more deprived communities, from different ethnic backgrounds, attracting people who feel “tennis is not for us”

Tennis is proven to increase self-confidence, decrease stress and depression, through TFF’s group sessions communities are integrated creating new friendships and addressing loneliness.

Sport England: “For every £1 spent on sport and physical activity, nearly £4 is generated for the English economy and society. Therefore, sport and physical activity can support the goal of levelling up communities and supporting the most disadvantaged people in society.“

Please help us to get people active, to rebuild communities and to maximise the usage of park courts.

Donate, share, send in stories about your park, show your support in any way you can, thank you on behalf of al our communities across the country.

Please visit TFF Crowdfunder to donate.

#levellingup #twoextremes #grassrootsport

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