TFF Supporters Scheme.


Tennis for Free's plans for 2024 are to address the spiralling impact on inactivity and mental health across the nation as well as provide opportunities for tennis to those hard to reach groups and those without the financial means to play regular tennis. We are aiming to launch more TFF schemes across the country, sustain existing ones and deepen the tennis offering at each TFF Site with a bespoke TFF Mental Health scheme (linking in with GP surgeries and mental health organisations) and an Over 50s TFF scheme. Your TFF site could be upgraded to 3x weekly programmes (TFF, TFF Mental Health, TFF 50+) that will enrich lives, but we need your help to do this.  

Your monthly donation will help us expand the activities below, you will also receive exclusive gifts and benefits including opportunities to win Babolat racquets and enter the TFF Wimbledon ticket draw!

Your Monthly Donation will help us to expand our sessions Nationwide

Areas of high Deprivation we provide TFF sessions in parks nationally for communities that need us most;
Mental Health we will run sessions alongside the NHS Recovery Scheme. Tennis, and in particular the TFF style of tennis, is seen as one of the best sports to address mental health issues;
50yrs+ Tennis  Tennis for the over 50s age group is essential in keeping active in later years and also keeping the brain cognitively active that can help stave off onset of certain types of dementia.
After school sport we will focus on schools with little or limited sports facilities allowing for after school and in school activity.

TFF is in the prime position to address the Inactivity Time Bomb. Our style of fun and inclusive group games in highly visible public parks concentrate in IMD areas 1-4 the most deprived in the nation.

By linking in with NHS services and partnering with Mental Health Charities our plans are to become one of the prime national services available to those most in need in 2024. We need your support to help these sectors in these unprecedented times, anything you can give as a monthly donation to allow us to achieve our funding goal will be greatly appreciated.

TFF Supporters Scheme

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