TFF Membership Scheme.

Help support your local tennis community by signing up to TFF's membership scheme. With any recurring monthly donation, we'll attribute TFF's Membership scheme to your account which will make a big impact on your local tennis community. You'll get our members exclusive wristband, have access to exclusive deals from Tennis For Free's partners (referenced in our monthly newsletter), entry into TFF's Wimbledon Ballot, monthly racquet draw...and more. It's very easy to sign up, simply:

1 - Create a TFF account on this website from our registration link, then via your welcome email, press the 'Become a TFF Member' button.

2 - Choose a recurring monthly donation level at whatever you'd like. We'll then note the details of your donation and attribute the membership to your TFF account.

3 - We'll post your exclusive TFF Wristband and anything else on offer, then, simply take note of our monthly newsletter emails with all of the great things we're doing with the Tennis For Free charity and offers that are exclusive to our members. We'll report our Wimbledon ticket winners and Babolat racquet winners in our members monthly newsletter too.

TFF Membership

£ ?? /month
TFF Exclusive Wristband
Free entry into a monthly prize draw for an adult Babolat racquet
Entry into TFF's Wimbledon Ticket Ballot
Exclusive discounts and deals from our partners
Monthly Newsletter with exclusive content for TFF members