Welcome to the Public Provider Application for the Tennis For Free scheme.

If you work on behalf of a public tennis court provider (e.g local authority, tennis courts lease holder) and are interested in having the Tennis For Free scheme (either TFF or TFF Lite) delivered on your public access courts, please take a look at the draft copy via the button below. If it's acceptable to you and your organisation (and you have the authority to sign it), then please complete the form as shown. A generated agreement will be created once you complete the form and you'll have the option to review it once more before digitally signing it.

Please note: Completion of the application and signing the agreement doesn't necessarily mean that the TFF scheme will operate at your proposed public facility. It simply means that you consent to the scheme operating at the facility if approved by TFF and if a coaching team can be identified to deliver the scheme.

Download Draft Agreement PDF

Please fill out the form below to create a new Tennis For Free Public Provider application.
Ensure all details are correct and proceed to the agreement in order to complete the application process via the 'Continue' button.

New Public Provider Application

If successful we'll need to speak to you directly about next steps.

Please enter the number of public courts at your facility.
TFF: Minimum 3 courts required for 1.5 hours per week at weekends
TFF Lite: Minimum 2 courts for 1 hour

Free public court use available at all times?: Required
Who should be the person of contact/liaison: Required